Real quick thank you for all the sweet and friendly asks + fanmail I’ve been getting recently - they’re a joy to read and reply to, and I’m grateful every day that you guys are interested in my art and characters. Thank yoooouuuu ;o;


bluebones42 asked:

You have an absolutely lovely style! I have extreeeeme art envy! I just thought I'd let you know! ^^

c'mon, we're losing daylight. Answer:

Maaaaan that’s really nice of you to say! Thanks for the sweet words

roboticjr asked:

I love your art. Its as if Disney had a baby with an indie game that wasn't funded and got revolutionized and won millions of dollars and spawned you. I'm actually not sure if any of that made sense.

c'mon, we're losing daylight. Answer:

Damn dude, that’s one heckuva compliment. I’m glad you like my artings, thank you very much!!

grumpinator asked:

Bro I was scrolling through my dash and your lovely game grumps fanart of Arin and Danny's busts came up and my mom happened to look over and she just goes "Oh is that Sam and Dean Winchester except ugly?" and I was like MOM. No but for real that piece and all this other cool stuff on your blog is great you're one awesome artist man.

c'mon, we're losing daylight. Answer:

I’ve been laughing at this all morning holy shit, that’s incredible

But I’m flattered you like my art dude! Super cool of you to drop by and say that.